Imagine Two Countries

Country A with huge gold reserves but has no paper money to move its economy. Country B grows plenty of food and have a lot of paper money.

Country A wants food but it does not have the paper money to mine the gold to get the food.

Under today’s money system it must wait for Country B to bring its paper money to its country (read: direct investments) before it can mine the gold. Whereas in reality Country A can print its own money to pay its own people to mine the gold. The gold can then be exchange with the food from Country B.

Under today’s system popular money (read : USD) is controlled by one country. It manipulates the world with its ability to print money out of thin air.

What Country A lack is not Country B’s money to mine gold but the intelligence of its people to mine the gold (read : Technology and Technology R&D).

With the current money system we become lazy. Instead of creating our own technology to mine the gold we prefer the short cut of getting other people’s money into our country (read: Direct Investment) and other people’s intelligence (read: technology) to mine our gold.

The Country given the international ability to print popular money (read: US) is laughing all the way to bank.

Country A’s leadership do not appear to have the political will, or do not understand the issue enough to change.

Does not Country A then depend on its thinking and intelligent ordinary citizens to get the country out of the crazy mess it found itself in?

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