We were in JB

Towards a Just Monetary System was in JB. We gave a Talk on the need to revamped the Monetary System at Iskarnival Puteri Harbour. The audience were random expo visitors at a hartanah expo. We caught their rapt attention. We were ambushed by bank stalls all around us.Talking to the taxi drivers and locals we felt their pain. JB is a glint new city not the JB of old. High rise buildings, Complexes, Nusajaya, Iskandar, Puteri Harbour. Yes it does bring a number of jobs to the young but the pay as all over the country has never really caught on with the times. A taxi driver said a few years ago he could dream of owning a house today he cries at the mention of the price. The glint of JB development is not for them. It is for the rich to be richer. Which is fine in a fair monetary environment. But within a system that steals from the poor, the double whammy doubly hurts. But who is to hear their pleas? Who will understand their plight? Who feels for them? Nasi campur is RM8 nasi ayam RM5. These cannot be when wages does not keep up with the times. Many do not truly understand their pain. Who do they turn to?

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