The Decimation of Greece by Riba

Greeks Are Revolting Again

The danger of continued unquestioning support of the current financial order. It is not rebellious to promote change; it is patriotic.

The March of Riba ; why Allah swt and His Rasul declared war on its practitioners. The sad thing is the current practitioners do not even consider their acts as destructive but merely the rightful follow through of a “correct” policy. These zombies, which include Greek political parties even consider the Western Creditors’ act as heroic in their effort to “save” Greece. The world needs a serious reality check. It is madness of the highest order. Greece could just have debunk Euro and Grexit but political parties need of democracy funds to stay in power against other Greek political parties means anyone of them will sell their nation to the highest bidder. Good luck to the current Greece revolters they barely understand the significance of their fight. May God have mercy on us Riba has zombied the world.


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  1. I hope that world leaders will be more important with the danger of usury, and there are regulations that can reduce riba in the world.


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