How many understand Greece as a Tragedy of Interest Based Lending?

How many understand Greece as the tragedy of interest based lending as opposed to equity investing?

In Islam The Quran prohibits lending with interest, in fact in Surah AlBaqarah Allah and His Rasul declare war on the practitioners of riba.

Riba is usury and it is not about excessive interest, it is about interest in any lending and a debt which is never forgiven to those unable to pay.

It is about the misallocation of risk in what is supposedly a business relationship between two parties.

Interest based lending is not a business- it is a crime. Banking is not an industry – it is a crime of the underworld.

The world should have developed on equity investing not interest based lending.

And it is not true that the world would not have developed without interest based lending. God created so much resources for humans in this world it would have developed any which way to what it is today.

The difference is if the world had developed on equity investing the world would be a much happier place with every human getting its share of the resource.

We will not have Greece and the European vulture banks. We will not have countries who are debt slaves and we will not have economic hitmen destroying economies. We will not have 80 billionaires owning 50% of the planet’s wealth while millions starved.

We will not have a group of evil people trying to rule the world via hijacking of a super power. We will not have usurious wealth buying democracies throughout the world putting governments under their evil control. We will not have evil people instigating wars in innocent countries for private profit and for a hideous private agenda.

In an article by Mark Blyth titled “A Pain in the Athens: Why Greece Isn’t to Blame for the Crisis” and published on July 7th 2015 in the magazine Foreign Affairs,…

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