Kudos To You Greece

Dear Greece

Kudos to you we just learnt you said no to the banksters. Allow me to suggest a path your nation might take. Do not negotiate with the Euro banksters, exit the den of thieves. Issue a new currency. But you have to be prepared and be resolute the banksters might use big bully Uncle Sam against you. Time to make new friends. How does GBRICS sound? A certain oopmh to it right? Yes might even be an acronym for Gold Bricks! If you get the gist of what I’m saying. Now internally the new currency will have to be backed by either gold or silver. But I know you have been a bit occupied lately and may have forgotten to pile up on gold. No matter, there is the God given wealth God has given you- your GDP! Thats yours. Put a fair value to that and print new Greek currency pegged against the value of your GDP. Now internallly just swap old Greek money for new Greek money at a ratio that will absorb all old Greek money. Rewrite all internal debts based on this ratio also. Ok now you’re set to focus on your economy to build it up to strength without all these banksters threats, time wasting referendum and all. Why waste time to discuss a bully’s threat when the time could be focussed on generating economic growth?! Your external debts its a bit tricky but remember they can’t come and repossess Greece and auction it off to Soros (wasn’t he Greek also?) They will have to accept whatever you propose provided you appear sincere and serious in your proposal. One thing though forget the interest part, just settle the principal part only. They will make it tough on you, they will let loose the mindless Soroses of the world to create havoc with the exchange rate of your new currency for sure. Ahem! We in Malaysia have a little bit of experience here. Do not float your new currency- peg it against yuan – what the heck. Anyway you have new friends now right? If you’re baulking at this new friendship, think of Turkey and the luscious new gas pipeline from Russia – nice right? Im sure Turkey finds comfort in numbers in befriending Russia. There you go. Its all really very simple. In your new relationship with BRICs go for FDIs not loans then you ride the tough times together and I assure you will not have to do another referendum for a long time. Ignore these banksters, they’re just the biggest bullies in the world. And you know how to fight bullies right? In numbers yes, and surround yourself with tough new friends. They will get the idea and back off. Good luck Greece. Our thoughts are with you.

Source : zahidsay.blogspot.my

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