Our Views on a Scholar’s comment on the Wuhan Virus Bank Moratorium

Assalam. Our comment about Dr Zaharuddin’s video explanation. We are very pleased he is leaning towards extra payment for Islamic facilities being riba jahilliyyah. We think the whole problem with scholars’ opinions on Islamic banking and banking generally is they dont really understand what kind of animal is a bank. They think its a pussy cat when its actually a wolf. Firstly not many realise that a bank is a money creator that create 97% of a nation’s money. If this part one does not understand, do not yet understand or refuses to understand, what value can we place on someone’s opinion of a bank. Secondly an economy generated by debt. If we can extend the practise of Rasulullah saw into 2020 I doubt very much it will be an economy powered by debt. It is most certainly an economy powered by equity of Mudarabah and Musharakah. Fine we are borned into this world where debt rules. And what is wrong with debt? I dont want to comment on debt for house and car but debt for business is tip toeing on the abyss of riba. Everyone else accepts profit or loss as their fate, but there is one partner who insists on profit only whatever happens. If he does not get a profit he will sue the other partners to bankruptcy. I think this stand is indefensible in the courts of the hereafter. Whoever wish to defend this position go ahead we will award you the highest medal of bravery. Secondly debt is the root cause of all economic recessions. If not for the sheer fear of bank debt, employers will not shut down their businesses or layoff their employees. If they are funded on equity their shareholders will bear with them ; their employees they can negotiate for a temporary subsistence pay. So what is the best stand for us? Please harbour a little despise and a little objection as our saviour in the hereafter. And there is really no need for us to be pitiful of the banks. In Malaysia they make RM35 billion profits per annum. With 9 banks that means each bank earns RM3.9 billion per annum. We dont think the bank owners will actually starve if they give a little ease to the suffering borrowers (Ayat 280 AlBaqarah). And lastly there is no need to empathise with the practises of the banks. They are not practicing the Sunnah of the Prophet saw ; they are practising the sunnah of the Riba Masters which have been entrenched for hundreds of years. Please Dr Zaharuddin show a little bit of fight against them.

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